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Elcin Sangu Gold Earrings on Carpisma  Serie
Elcin Sangu Gold Earrings on Carpisma  Serie
Elcin Sangu Alka Earrings Gold

Alka Earrings Gold

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Earring with a unique design as seen on Zeynep in Collision series. 
Inspired by Artuqids Dynasty, Luna Merdin -one of the best jewelry brands of Turkey-  brilliantly designed this unique item. When Artuk Bey left to serve for the Seljuk Empire army, he left a pregnant wife, Ay Hanım, who loved him deeply, behind. When their son İlgazi was born, she would free a dove, which she had devoted all her prayers to, to the blue sky to herald the birth. The design of the Alka Dove on the earring symbolizes the birth, the life and good news. 

Product Description:
Material: 925 sterling silver, gold plated, cabochon
Color: Gold
Designer: Luna Merdin

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