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Ethnic Rings with Stories


Accessories are the most important pieces to finish our look. They truly clinch the combos. Among all types of accessories, rings have recently become so popular especially with the rise of multiple-rings aka ring stacks. 

As rings are becoming more popular, we have started to see different styles of rings on Turkish celebrities as well. The biggest trend with rings is to wear one with a story. Celebrities mostly prefer the rings designed by famous jewellry designers who get inspired from a story. 




While more and more designer jewellery brands are introducing pieces with stories, most popular rings are the ones with symbols representing a cultural or historical motives on black stones







Birce Akalay Dress



These ethnic rings with various designs and colors will help you create a unique style of your own. They can easily be combined with casual outfits as well as formal ones and make you stand out!


If you are interested in the good quality unique design jewelry, our shop would provide you with many interesting items to choose from. Good news:  We deliver WORLDWIDE!



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