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TRENDING NOW: Link Chain Jewelry


Definitely the biggest jewelry trend in 2020, back from 80’s and bigger than ever: Chain Link Jewelry.

Layered chain necklaces, stacked rings and bracelets of last decade is now replaced by over sized chain link pieces.

Turkish celebrities are among those who adapted this trend and they have worn chain bracelets, chain necklaces and chain earrings form various designers both on the screen and on their daily lives


Kara Para Ask Jewelry


Check how Tuba Buyukustun (Elif of Black Money Love) combines our thick chain bracelet and thin chain bracelet with an amazing link chain necklace. Learn more about her style clicking here.


Tuba Buyukustun Style


Big and bold chain necklaces in gold and bronze tones also look amazing on Neslihan Atagul as she combines them with a beige knitted jumpers .


Neslihan Atagul Style


 Visit our Neslihan Atagul collection for more pieces of as seen on her.  


Elcin Sangu necklace that she has worn in almost all episodes of Good day Bad Day is also a gorgeous piece. 



Elegant looking long chain earrings have also been so popular. Do not forget to combine these with ponytails in Melisa Asli Pamuk style if you want to have a thinner looking face.



Melisa Asli Pamuk Style



Being aware of chain link jewellery trends of the year, Turkish jewellery designers are introducing new collections with chain bracelets, chain necklaces and earrings.

Elcin Sangu Style Collection



Elcin Sangu Accessory Style



Vintage chain necklaces are the most important ones among 2020 accessories trends . Some designers also combine different colors in single item and crate an arty look.



To see more of chain jewelry as seen on Turkish actresses click here



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